Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finding Normal

<----Now known as UCLA??
Can I go here please?

In 1919, the State Normal School at Los Angeles became the Southern Branch of the University of California, now the University of California, Los Angeles.

Finding normal.............
Not to be confused with finding Nemo. :::interject humor:::We are all creatures of habit are we not? This creatures habits have significantly changed causing an upheaval to beat all. Even my team are surprised at my life changes, and yet, I am still standing. A tad bit wobbly, but I am going to make it. :::RIGHT?:::: (funny) Lets ponder normal shall we? Lets not discuss what is abnormal, but what remains............

Good cuppa Joe, first thing every morning. CHECK
Love of family and friends CHECK
Yelling at Gin to GO PEE! ::pointing to her doggie door::CHECK
blogging!! CHECK
Wine 30, ::albeit earlier:: CHECK
Rudy demanding a bite ::of anything::: CHECK
Walts eyes:::CHECK:::

I find that I am grasping, even running to and smiling at whatever appears to be normal these days. Last night in bed I was remoting and stopped on Will N Grace and laughed a belly laugh, then laughed because I had laughed? Hmmmm

I went into Pismo today for Ginger/Rudy foods and found myself wondering the same streets I would normally have, just to DO IT. ( and I throughly enjoyed it too) Everyone says that I must find my new normal, and I tell you true that Im lookin for it!! HARD EVEN. In closets, under covers, on the porch, in the sky, at the store, with the doctor, and when I land on one, much like Walts cream of wheat, it is savored, memory stored, cherished, and revisited often. What a journey I am on eh? Makes me want to drag out the ole book in the making and polish off a few chapters... someday....

They say it takes time. I wonder if I have the time. How much time? Can I afford it? Do I have a choice? I think I need a plan of attack. A map of new normal. A NORMAL SCHOOL!!! Yep, thats the ticket...


Vicki W said...

Are you sure you are looking for "normal school" - I don't think you ever attended normal school and that's what makes you special! Remember Young Frankenstein? I think you have to strive to be Abby Normal and that's cool! Normal School is not good at all.

Freda said...

Hang in there Gina. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Alycia said...

Normal? Isn;t that in Indiana or something LOL - Love your quilts in the previous posts. I used to go to Pismo Coast village when I was a kid - LOVED it!!

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