Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yen Can Groom

Look how cute she is! Come on... I dont dye her pink or lime green right? So I can get away with braiding her pretty tail! I am but a girly ya know.... I have also been known to polish her nails after dremmeling them! LOL
I decided that I didnt like the new local groomer, so I took it upon myself to face the task. Hey, BONUS! I saved us 30 bucks!!!
I waited like a tiny criminal until it was safe that Walt had left the house. I then took out his trusty beard gooming tools from his carefully guarded leather case in the bathroom closet. Now I must tell you that there are just some things sacred to him, comb, brush, toiletries and his grooming tools... ( eeek) But I was determined to A: save money, B: groom Ginger better, C:, ok well theres no C... chit.
I have never used a grooming tool before. Yes, I was very afraid. DO they cut if you arent careful? Which of these blades is the correct one? Will I be able to hide the red haired evidence? How long will this actually take? I figured what the heck... if the only naughty thing this wifey does is steal her hubbys grooming tools, so be it, there are MUCH worse things right? Of course right.
OK. Ginger on counter top check
tools layed out.. check
first aid kit close by,,,check
wine under ice...check
She was amazingly compliant, thank God! She let me twist her face and shave her clean. I got inbetween her toes, inside of her ears, and OMG we both held our breath while I shaved UP HER NECK! I didnt even play with the blades, I just used the one attached. ??

After we finished, I let her down to rest, thinking that I'll bathe her in a bit. (drink wine) ok, shoot wine... I took apart the tools cleaning each part with a Q tip. He wont even know Ive been there, (I thought). I put them away exactly as they were. I felt accomplished. He will never even know.....I gave her a bath and blow dried her beautifully. I braided her tail and by this time, guess who came home? Ahuh. He took one look at us, and said Tell me you didnt.... didnt what? I replied....He had a half grin/half frown and said you didnt use my shaver on her did you? I thought I would detour him with "Hey look! I braided her tail!" I heard what I suspect to be potty mouth under breath, but I cant be certain. On his way to his bathroom he scrached Gingers head telling her that her Mommy is Mental... its a good sign right? I think he was inspecting the damages, and found none. SAFE. He came out saying, hey babe? Lets shave her all the way down! (who is mental I ask you?) All is well, we all made it through grooming day, and I think there is a new shaving gear in Walts future, because, its been awhile, and he is (I think) refusing to shave that captains beard of his. Rebellion? Me thinks so....grunt.


Judy Whitehead said...

ROFLOL I shaved my Little Bear once (Malte-Poo)....and once only. Bear hung his head in shame, Mike asked me to PLEASE don't do that to the poor dog again. Wasn't worried about te shaver, just the dog. Guess I'd never get a job as a groomer, I better stick to quilting? LOL

Desert Threads said...

You are so funny!! And a braided tail??? You have way too much time on your hands!

The Sarah Bear said...

Uh - am I the only one that wonders why only the dog BUTT is in the picture?

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Jack the Dog used to LOVE his reverse mohawks - and poodle puff tail. (This was a 75 lb. border collie - muy macho - actually, he was totally embarassed the first couple days with the new cut, but after all the compliments would strut his stuff all over!)
But the shavers - Tom actually insisted we buy new, separate stuff for the animal.
Loves and hugs from Heather's sis in Colorado

Deb said...

ROFLOL!! Cute braid though!

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