Monday, July 7, 2008

Marvelous Monday, July Already?

Good mornin:) Whisper, I'm on my first cuppa. Did everyone have a good 4th? We enjoyed some friends company shopping, eating, watching TV, and I finally watched Memoirs of a Geisha! WOW it was wonderful! By last evening were back at "listing" to get the shop/house in order. I actually loaded a runner so that I can tweak and balance before I attack the medallion orphan quilt. (due July 1) I'm late!!! I so hate being late. One of those little OCD things I do... Do you have any quirks like that? I absolutely freak out, hyperventilate, get shaky... u name it, when I'm almost OR late to ANYTHING. No kidding, my heart races in THUMPS and I can make Walt climb a wall with my nervousness. Must be some baggage from childhood eh? I wonder why everyone says that. I ponder it often. Hmmm... childhood baggage. Could be a cop out for doctors? I dunno....
(as u can see when I'm waking up I am generally all over the map with pondering.. if I am not back on track in 1 paragraph, WAIT LONGER.)
Speaking of doctors, about a week ago I decided that I really do need to rule out everything that could be wrong with me and get on with it. I made appointments all over the place. Knee xrays, ( altho an MRI is in order) GYN yearly, and yep, I did it... I hired the whole team of shrinks that I jokingly tell you about. Yep yep yep... I have even had my first visit. He tried to introduce me to medicine, I said no, wait.. you work awhile on me before I do that. I don't have any problems admitting when i need medicine, IF I need medicine. But I have a mantra that I do live by.. which is.. SELL ME, DONT TELL ME.
I just dont cotton to all of these doctors, upon chatting with you for an hour and a half, diagnosing people with chronic or acute depression, medicating them and sending them on their way. Not happening. If I am sick due to post traumatic disorder, fine. Lets fix it.. You get the flu, or a disease, its treated, I get that... I DO THAT.. but as anything else... sell me, dont tell me.
So the good doctor and I chatted awhile. He knows my terms and I know his. He is motivated by money, I am motivated by the preservation of happiness for the next 30 years or more, and of course, my DQL. Will it be talk therapy? Meds? Homework? I have no idea, but I'm open. This doctor doesn't know what he is in for does he? LOL I might make him ponder! He has already assigned my first homework. To read a book called Feeling Good. OK, I googled it, will buy this week... but from the excerpts.. i see that I know that stuff, practice it all on a daily basis, and still I am in a bit of trouble. He needs to bring his best game me thinks.. Gawd I'm such a brat....Heather... smack me would ya?
I see Mister Man again today. I think we will get along famously soon:) I will keep you posted and let you know if I'm certifiable or not. In the mean time, have a marvelous Monday, and be thankful for all that you have.

*damned good insurance for teamwork
*good friend therapy
*good wine therapy
*a beautiful shop
*an avocado ranch 1 mile away! (OK, maybe 3 miles, but close!!)
*fireworks in the fog


Desert Threads said...

We've known all along you were certifiable!!! You don't need to pay big $$$ to hear from a stranger!!!! You know we all love ya and are behind you all the way kiddo.

Freda said...

Glad you had a great fourth Gina. I am being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being run over by my own truck. I am better but still have therapy to go through. I'm not over it yet. I hope you are doing lots better soon.

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey - I can beat that dudes rates!!! Talk to me for half the price!

just kidding

I am proud of you - I am worried for him! LOL!!!

I miss you terribly and had to keep talking myself out of driving to you this weekend!

Tell Walt Kim says Hi!

Gayle said...

avocados that close??? thats all the therapy I would need!

I commend you for being open to options, and for taking care of YOU.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll admit I am usually always on time and get a bit stressed, too.

Yummy- avocado trees!

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