Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Concerned About Gina??

I sure hope that this is clickable! Yes folks... John was actually concerned as to WHY the security guard below was hassling his biggest -bestest fan!! I only wanted a closer upper picture? Maybe a wink and a smile? Maybe some skin? shoot. This yahoo wouldn't let me, and John was just trying to help! :::ME::: I DID in fact get the wink and a smile, however, that's about it. He sang and he sang and he sang.... TO ME... :::cause its all about me:::
We had a wonderful time, and that's such an understatement. I have had several little guilty feelings for having had so much fun, but they say that too is normal.... It did me well to be there. To sing with him, to dance in the isles with my kids. To debate with security guards. To have some good company, good eats, good wine,to watch my hubby laugh at me, and GET THE TEE SHIRT PEOPLES!!! ( I'll show ya that picture when I wear it and relive every song and every moment.)
The above picture of course...what a tickle to try to schmooze beefy guards)
Getting the whole section to DO THE WAVE with me
Screaming Stitched UP cause he sang it for ME!
The 6 foot 5 man who dared to sit in front of Karen
walt scoring a ticket for Tracy at the last moment in OUR section!!!
Walt running into several of his administrative staff! LOL
Singing every song of colbie caliet and JM songs with them
Watching my kids run all over to achieve the best SHOT
Dancing with same kids:)
And many many more!

Colbie Caliet is cute and performed well. A great opener for John. I sure missed Heather and Kim. Several times Walt and I simultaneously said wow, H & K should see this! Kim would have swooned over his guitar speak. And I do mean speak. WOW. I still contend that he is the perfect mix of Clapton, Dave Matthews, Herbie Hancock, and even Michael Mcdonald. With a little stevie ray vaughn on the side! LOL
I have his summer tour list on the back of my tee shirt... Karen and I are trying to figure out how to get to Houston on a budget... I think I'll go email John now.................LMAO


Carla said...

LOL GIna!!! What a fun time you had! And he even sang a song to you?? Well well, I must say it is well deserved. Of course, he should sing a song to you. LOL!

I am happy for you that you had a blast!! Only wish I were along for the fun, too. Hugs, Carla

Anonymous said...

Hey G-

Sounds like you had a great time!! Can't remember which concert it was when he stood behind another guitar player and then played the 'front' man's guitar SPECTACULARLY!! THAT was awesome!

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

“Gina won the debate with the Security Guard in case of any doubts… An Eyewitness”

Jackie Russell said...

It sounds like you had a great time. I'm sure he was singing to you too.

Lynn Douglass said...

I am green with envy!

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