Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Quilt Studio In The Making!

Its official! I am finally back to work! The shop isnt quite finished yet, but its certainly quiltable now! I do , of course have Walt under foot, but I can hang with that. All thats left to be done is the ceiling fan hung and a few minor fixes in power bars. I think i need new antifatigue mats too, but.. as everything time....The ceilings are 11 foot high so my surround sound is pretty much kick A## in there, so when you ding me on the computer, I can hear ya! More importantly, the music is just perfect!
This picture shows above storage, hanging intake rack, part of the pegboard/design wall and te specialty thread rack. And my cusotmers LATE medallian quilt:) :::IM ALL OVER THAT:::There are 2 flood lights directed at Greta and provide some BIGTIME direct lighting. The above lights are all flourescent ( times 9) and hung quite high so a lower closer light was needed.. I told Walt of these issues and he promptly said I LL HOOK YOU UP! ( tim the tool man) He cam home from the hardware store and indeed LIT me up. This design wall that Walt made is so cool with the new synthetic felt I found at our own local COTTONBALL.

This side is my tool cabinet, opposite side of design/pegboard wall, and my stencil and bobbin work bench. Ok, and the TV.. Oh yes! The TV also runs through te surround sound! :::squeeling like a pig:::

This area is my small but meaningful cubicle for business and domestic sewing.. altho I see I neglected to get te sewing machine in the shot.. I ll take better pics another time. I have yet to dress these walls ( or any others) and I cant seem to locate my dry erase board???? As I said Ill take more pics later.. I see I missed the cutting table area, and the dang stairs!!!

All in all its turning out to be a VERY functional work space, and a really REALLY nice studio:) Thank you Babe:)


Vicki W said...

That is a perfect space!

Freda said...

What a great studio Gina. I'm glad to see you are back at work.

Desert Threads said...

OOOOO I wouldn't mind working in that studio!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, I want Walt to come up here and get mine fixed up (lol)......Enjoy your space.... Ronda

Jackie Russell said...

Great studio space!

jhwolf said...

It looks like you have everything you need but where's Rudy?

Judy in MO

Anonymous said...

Wow, Gina! This is wonderful! Of course, now you will have to actually, you know, work.........LOL!

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