Friday, December 9, 2011


Let go.
 And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.
 Oprah Winfrey

No guarantees eh? Yep yep yep. Proven. How is your Friday going? I made a list and had breakfast? I function so much better late morning on you know. I think its sleep, or lack thereof. I spent most of the night following Ginger around because she had a tummy ache. I wonder if I gave her too many cookies? ( well, someones gotta eat cookies round here!!!) Oh shoot! my pills! brb.
So wait until you SEE what Heather is doing with the revised web site! Its a big PITA so its moving a bit slowly. This one will be easier to manage myself, because she has a full plate with all the many hats she wears!Stay tuned!
Other news... I have a woodpecker making me absolutley MENTAL this week! He just wont stop! Its usually right in the stairwell, and between Ginger barking, and me running to the door, its nuts! Anyone know how to stop a woodpeckers knock?
Sorry no Foodie Friday for ya. Im still perfecting the cabbage short rib soup:) I think just one more correction to perfection! I'll make another this week end and let you know. I STILL think I should be the beach soup Nazi...  No Soup For You!
I have Linda's Japo loaded today:) I am putting Ginko Leaves on it in verigated King Tutt. I dont like king tutt. grunt. Or should I say... Greta doesnt like it? I personally LOVE the look, I just dont think its worth the PITA! Well, Linda is, so onward says I.
 I leave you with a funny.............. TGIF

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Lindah said...

A nutty woodpecker! How about one of those peanut butter/grubs cakes they make for birds hanging in a nearby tree? That might lure him away from the stairwell. Maybe.

Ahhhh, we had your fish/seafood soup for dinner tonight. Again. We really like it. DH really, really likes it. Thanks again for posting the recipe.

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