Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week Ends Still Stink!

Bored! What happens when I'm bored? I do crazy things like Bling my butt! I have had these jeans for awhile now. Nice, boot cut, except that the back looks like a mens slacks back! So... I blinged it. Then I looked around for other things to bling. Nothing is safe when I'm in this mood. I had to hide the tool box from myself! Then, I decided to make a messenger bag. I got as far as a nice hand dye and a leather, quilted it, and lost focus. I really must finish up Christmas gifts, but my poor brain is scattered. WAY too much on my plate. Its disturbing my artistic harmony for sure!! And its so cold I cant think!!
( no, I'm not bitchy am I?) Love yer guts!

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