Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twilight Saga

A little late, but I finally am up to speed with the Twilight series! Go me! My Sis just KNEW that I would like it, no matter how many times I told her that I had absolutley no interest in Vampires and Wolves. She is just trying ever so hard to distract my mind and heart for awhile, however little it is. Thanks Sis. So... I was mistaken! Totally investied in the series I watched three, back to back and now I'm hunting a movie buddy to take me to see BREAKING DAWN.
WOW! How entertaining was this??? Not reality mind you, but darned good entertainment! I think I will call my Baby Grand "Bella" Now! ( her middle name) I just heard about the MOST popular baby names this decade and of course all of the Twilight people rule. Jake, Edward, Bella, Charlie...etc....
 I personally think Bella should have gone back home long ago, but then where would the series be right? I am still stuck on the whole no blood inside of a vampire anyway. I mean... no juices inside? Ya cant do that! Theres no lovemaking without blood, come onnnnnn
Oh yeh, fiction entertainment, I forgot. I nearly ralph everytime one is killed and thier bones break and resemble a mannikin. Speaking of Mannikins.. I think I want one! yeah, A male one.. I'll call him Wilson and stick him in the window. Dress him all metro-ish...or naked? My Bestie has one, her name is Eve... She's a looker too:) Oh! I'll call mine Adam!  I know what youre thinking... Oh Mister Wizardddddd G's gone round the bend.......
So.. who wants to go see Breaking Dawn with me?

ADDED Tonight: Awesome movie!! I went alone in celebration of finishing a big task. I did our new VIP Screening room. Complete with red rockers and wine. What a kick! The movie ( Breaking Dawn) didnt disappoint! WOW... WOW..., OKay, so I 'm hooked.
Wheres my cuppa blood?
PS: That dingy Bella totally made the wrong choice. Poor Jake.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd go again in a minute but I'm a little far away. Suzanne

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