Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Then What?

"Then What?"
Dr. Daniel Amen

Morning. I listened to this doctor on PBS and rather enjoyed it. It was about changing the brain. Google him. Fascinating seminar. In the middle of all of my post it notes I stuck one up with above qoute. It can really be applied to absolutley anything! After I eat this cookie, then what? After I say this, or do that, then what?  In my subjective opinion, it keeps me "mindful" of all things big and small. I love it. I'll use it.
 I got a nice surprise this morning. The ever magical H woman is boosting my website and making it user friendly! Then what? Then I can manage it, and you peoples can gather information to send me your works of art for finishing!Also, see whats new and whos zoomin who! See! It works! My DQL will be improved with this new site!
 Stay tuned:)
I have a long list of to do's so I better get to it. I am not doing so well on Christmas gift quilts, but I am trying for sure. I get so easily side tracked with other things. Organizing this shop mess being one of them. I dont want to talk about the others. THATS for the scary journal. CLICK

Have a great hump day:)

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