Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Clicks Away!

Who needs blue suede shoes when we can choose red? If I click these heels  three times can I go anywhere? So let me ask you this then.... If I pour champagne in the heel, will it ruin the suede as it pours through the toe? ok, damn... Scuse me while I change the channel! ( or turn the hose on myself) I really shouldnt blog at night huh? After internet shoe shopping eh? Keeps me out of trouble. NOT.
I was simply looking for some new white stappy heels for summer, and got all flustered with all of the other choices at Zappos.com ! These are on sale! I may need them for Montreal in August! Wait, I need to get a bff on board to justify this! Help!
Oh noooooo , she hasnt gone round the bend yet, but its close! Maybe I should stick to quilting? Oh come on, do you know how difficult it is to find someone with the same footy fondness as this quilter??
Hey! Did I show you the gold strappys I got a few weeks ago? yeah, that was fun..after enjoying an outing with them...you know..... to bond properly...lol I nearly broke my neck shutting the garage door! Twisted my ankle and had to wear my tragic sneakers for a couple days! Wedgies are tricky! I ll try and snap a pic of those for ya.

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