Thursday, May 17, 2007

You'll Miss me right?

Yep yep yep.. I'm going to pet a Penguin, Kiss a grandbaby, and bring home Ginger the new fur baby:) Walt will be here tending to the feathered baby, but I don't think he will blog for me too... asking a bit much eh? I have all her little duds packed and Rudy's birdie bread baking.... I'm charging up the batteries and taking lotsa pics. I sure wish I had the photography skills of Moompean, maybe someday she can show me some tricks?Have a good weekend, wish me luck in traffic terror with no GPS ( cry with me Blim)!!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun!!!! :-) And I know we'll see pics!! :-) Jan

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Ginger :)
Lets see some pictures please.
Im so excited!!!

Love u, B
I tried to post a picture, why cant I?
So I emailed it to You, can you post it?

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