Saturday, May 5, 2007


A cyber friend recently blogged about believing. I want to share that I feel the same! (about believing) Now I dont have time to bla bla bla about this right now as I have chicken roasting on the ~Q~ BUT.... I gotta tell ya,the power of the spirit and the mind go a long way. I could literally write a days blog here, but for now I'll put the pic up and tend to da chicken. ( not to be confuddled with Rudy, the THUPER chicken:) I shall come back and edit some time... IF you are fortunate, AND you believe:) HEY! I have an idea! I would also challenge fellow bloggers to post a Believe Blog too!!! YEH!!!! OK, consider yourselves challenged! Do you believe? How do You believe? What is it that you believe? And do others believe that you believe?

1 comment:

Jan said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love the idea of a believe challenge!! :-) Now get back here and edit or blog more!!! :-)

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