Monday, May 21, 2007

Seaworld San Diego

Hey! Who's missing from this picture??? Yep yep yep, me and Avi! I had stroller detail while the rest of the gang waited forever to ride the rapids! So, we shopped! What else? Yes, Aviana couldn't live without Shamu, and a host of other things in stroller height reach. grunt.

I wish that I had taken more pictures, and yes, I say that every time don't I?And I schlepped that dang thing everywhere too! We had fun with them and our accommodations were very nice too. Overlooking the San Diego bay, and Coronado. This pic was a statue of WW2 soldier kissing a nurse in port. San Diego is indeed a beautiful City, one day I wish to return and "DO" the town. Old town SD was awesome too with quaint shops and lotsa Mexican food restaurants. We were serenaded by mariachi's while dining:)

I loved this photo of the African type penguin chatting with a seagull. Incredible eh? We saw 17 varieties of penguins and yes, Walt was hypnotized by the Emperors, of course. We sat in a theatre all of 20 degrees to get up close and personal with them, but worth it too:) Sorry no pics of that (rules). Really are beautiful strange birds. Very playful and childlike in their antics.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful!! I hope you got some sleep!! :-) - Jan

Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a great time, I see another roadtrip :)
Love u, B.

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