Friday, May 16, 2008

Maybe I Should Mention

It's 12:30 AM, do you know where your quilty blogger pal is? Yep yep yep.... She's roaming again:(
I cant sleep. News flash eh? I cant turn off my BWAIN! I stepped away from Greta Gammil at 10:00. Went to bed and chatted for awhile, then look out, the night is once again alive. Nowadays I hurry down here so that I can fend off a bad dream. Only problem is, I dont want to work so I end up rotting whats left of my brain with dumb stuff like Fresh Prince of Belair on Nick at night! ::::Grrrr:::::
Maybe I should have stowed away in Debs suitcase afterall and gone to MQS......I'm so proud of the wins of my colleagues. You girls got it goin on this year! Congratulations!
Maybe I should tell you about our impending move.... Yes, big changes. We have had a deal in the works to move for awhile now, and now its official. I'll post pics of our new humble abode when I can. I'm happy that Walts daily commute will be a thing of the past, however Im not happy about leaving this area, and of course, MOVING a 2 story house again.... Man oh Man. June brings many things, schools out for summer, the move, and a few others, I think you're on a need to know basis since I learned recently that NOTHING in life is written in stone or guaranteed by any means. Stay tuned?
Maybe I should tell you that AT our new home one of the "deals" was to re-paint the house... and those bozos painted the oak front door because they couldnt get out the rough spots? So now it looks like the front door of Papa Smurf!!! The home is a really a nice beachy type 2 story. The kind that screams for Adirondack rockers on the top deck...gorgeous views.... I'm loving most things I can do to update the 1980's look, but come on people.... papa smurf blue?
Maybe I should tell you about our house guest? My friend Tracy is staying with us for a short time while she heals a broken arm. I want you to know that I still have her packing boxes with her good one.
Maybe I should tell you that I am REALLY missing coffeetime with my gal pals lately.
Maybe I should tell you how ticked off I am that the supreme court overturned my vote this morning? For the first time ever in my adult life, I heard myself saying... Well why in the hell did I vote then????? It made me feel unimportant, and I soooo hate that eh?
Maybe I should mention that it doesnt take much to set me off these days. I feel so edgy all the time? You know that saying "I'm out of estrogen and I gotta gun"? Well... good thing I dont.
Maybe I should say that I am all caught up with my quilting, and I'm THIS ::::pinching fingers on right hand:::: close to working on one of my own:)
Maybe I should go to sleep... yes, sleep.... :::sigh::: I remember that too.
Maybe I should say thanks, u guys are better than Nick at night:)


Carol said...

Love your blog - of course that is nothing new! I agree - nothing is forever. You have lots of changes and you are elegant in how you are walking that path. Anxious to see pics of the new abode!

Freda said...

I'm sorry you are having trouble sleeping Gina but glad you don't have a gun! I will gladly give you my phone number to call anytime, day or night, if you would like to talk. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure Walt will be glad to end his commute. I don't know how long his is but Lynn and I commuted 120 miles round trip for 10 years. When it ended I was so proud. Hope you have a great day.

Jan Thompson said...

OK - so this is a "beachy" house. Is it on a beach? Questioning minds want to know! And no commute? How great is that?

Change is hard sometimes, but necessary. Nothing will take away the pain of losing Jamie, but as your new header (LOVE it!)says, life is good, and Jamie would want you to be back among the living.

We are always here for you - different times, different days, but someone is always here to listen! Love ya!

Carla said...

The new house sounds wonderful! Well.... not so sure about Papa Smurf Blue front door... can you sand it down or does the color work with the decor? (Like a cape cod beach house, for instance)

Yes, inquiring minds want to know how far you are from the beach?

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