Sunday, May 25, 2008

Organized Chaos

It doesnt matter that I had best laid plans, numbered boxes with corresponding signs throughout the new house. No matter that the kitchen is filled and operable to feed and water the TEAM while working.....
I didnt matter that I had control over the entire convoy of trucks, and what went in them. It is STILL a master disaster over here! (and over there).
(Thanks Babe:)
Coffee in hand round midnight last night, I sat on the deck overlooking the bay. A magnificent site that I just cant wait to share! My queeny wicker chair made it over without her pad and I stuck in the middle of the deck, pensive and incredibly tired, I pondered the future. I wont tell you that Im not afraid, because I am. I am also determined to be return to a happy life with my family and friends. I guess I just dont know how to get there yet. I wish that Karen and Jake were here, but it turns out that they too are in a move. Karen and the fam closed escrow and set up movers at about the same time as we did. How Ironic was that? We have been texting each other for days screaming our heads off about organized chaos, and missing our Munz......
I am ever so grateful for our choice in movers... they really knocked themselves out with no breakage yet! ( more days to come, knock on wood). They "babied" everything in the shop just as I requested. Greta was of course treated to the ride in the back of the Solara with the top down. I wonder if anyone noticed us and pondered what that machine was in the back seat?
Pictures when I can, Im off to work some more. Hope you're having a NON working Memorial day!


Feather on a Wire said...

Dear Gina,
May you have lots of love and laughs in your new home,

Carol said...

Good luck with the new home and new adventure. You are a very strong woman and what a blessing to everyone. Love your header!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! You must be exhausted with the move, Gina!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you G! It will all quiet down soon enough and then you'll sit in your queeny wicker chair - cushion and all with a glass of wine and your hubby by your side watching the bay...sounds nice...

Cheers to your new beginning in Morro Bay!

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

Gina,Just wait till everything settles. You'll be out on that wicker watching beautiful sunsets with a good glass of wine. Or just sitting with a nice cuppa bundled up in a nice warm quilt listening to the fog horns. Can't beat living on the Coast.
June G.

Deb said...

Sounds just heavenly! I hope this new beginning will be just the ticket to heal and bring you back.

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