Thursday, May 22, 2008

Checking In-Checking Out

Only two and a half years here. I have never lived in a home such a short time. I just found the stuff in the short closet!!! I think that before this, the shortest time in a home was 12 years in a rental before we bought in the valley. The good news is.... you get to purge more often??? Work with me.. trying to find good stuff here. I have decided that its really not a good idea to keep moving as you continue to get older. We forget too easily! I have marked boxes with names, numbers and floors, and I have yet to find the box that I put the coffee grinder in! No, Im not unpacking yet, I just packed the grinder too soon. I woke up needing a cuppa Morning Fog Lifter ( SLO COFFEE CO) and I couldnt accomodate myself. grunt.
The house is looking quite bare now, sounding hollow too. A very eery feeling indeed. Rudy is quite nervous the past couple days.. he can see somethings going on and it looks like change to him too. I put his travel cage next to his playgym last week, in order to get him thinking. It worked. He flips his head sideways to see it and asks "Whats goin On?" He is pretty adaptable, so I know he will be fine. Ginger however got to go to the new home yesterday and wouldnt leave my ankle for a second! (this makes for difficult walks upstairs with boxes in hand). Speaking of.... OMG do I ache in the backs of my legs! My knee is wrapped and holding up. (TY 800 Ibpropens).

I'll be going dark a few days. I hope its just a few days. If I dont get my daily web cam fix of my grand daughter, I feel really yucky! Can you bribe the cable guy? Hmmmmmm

I hope that you all enjoy your 3 day week end. I'll have busy hands and mind. ( helps?) I'll leave you with newest happy pic of my Avi.... cant you just melt???


Feather on a Wire said...

Many wishes for your move to go smoothly, for your coffee machine to turn up and for you to get back online soonest,

Yvonne said...

Wish I was nearby to help you....hope everything goes well.
She is so sweet....I can see why you need to see that wonderful little face daily.

Freda said...

Have a great weekend Gina. Avianna is beautiful, just like her grandmother.

Mary said...

We've been here for a month now but I still can't find things (and I have a few more boxes to unpack too). We usually move every 3-5 years but this one came just a year after the last one and it was way too soon although I am happy to be back in a place of our own.

Good luck with the move and getting settled in!

Jan Thompson said...

Hope all is successful with the move. We'll miss you while you're gone. Great pic of Avi!

Gretchen said...

I don't envy you moving. We've been in our home 18 yrs. At this point I think I'd just hire an auction company and sell it all! Except my sewing room and studio stuff of course, LOL.
I hope your move goes as smoothly as possible, your new home sounds lovely!

Lynn Douglass said...

Good luck with the move! Maybe now I'll get to visit while I'm getting Collin settled in at Cal Poly!

Love that smile on Avi!

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful.

I hope the move goes smoothly and that you'll be back online soon! You'll be missed! TeresaL

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