Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Water, Tastefully So

Ok, How many of you actually try my lil tips ~N~ tricks anyway? Now you know the older I get, the more I know I'm still learning eh? Quite a differance from the "know it all" teenage years for sure.

I'd like to tell you of yet another great FIND I found a few years ago. While spending the day at Sycamore Springs in Avila Beach with Blima, we treated ourselves to many of their wonderful rejuvination choices. Soaking in mineral springs tub, great massage, and a facial! It was during the facial I found a new anti-oxidant , cleansing AND utterly refreshing tool.

Stratigically placed on one of the waiting room tables were beautiful clear pitchers of iced water. Your choice, Water with Lemon, or water with cucumbers. Now water with lemon has always been my first love..but this green concoction was very interesting and I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and yep.... it IS very refreshing! I squeeled to Blima how much I loved this new drink...and she promptly told me to switch it out with the wine. PPPfffttt... like that will ever happen eh? At home, I continued to "brew" some cucumber water on a weekly basis and did much research on the healing properties of the vegetable too. I think it stays....said I.
Last week, Walt and I went to one of our favorite mexican joints in Morro Bay called Taco Temple. These guys boast California Fusion... that means... we do everything fresh and less fatty than other mexican joints.. and they mean it too.. its delicious. You wont find any lard laden pinto beans on the menu, rather black beans cooked naturally.... Guess what water they serve? Yep... What a tickle to find cucumber water at a restaurant!
I do still love citrus waters.. but for a welcome change of pace, do try this one.. and google it too... its amazing what this veg can do:)

Blima? I miss you, when you coming for water?


Anonymous said...

Great tip! Cucumber water is probably better for the teeth as well. Citrus water can actually pit the enamel over time.

Have been trying your olive oil tip but I still look like 51. Drats! ;)

Christine Olson

Deb said...

A wonderful tip...I'll have to trythe cucumber ...I love citrus water though,( but hey I'm in south Florida...citrus is our bible!)

Rian said...

Mmmmm. Sounds so refreshing. Before I moved to the central coast, the place where I worked out had cucumber water and I loved it--I had forgotten about it, so MUCHAS THANKAS!

Wunna these days I'll get to Sycamore Springs...sounds heavenly.

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