Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seagulls In The Yard?

You peoples remember me telling you about one of my trips to Costco admiring seagulls in the parking lot? Well, guess what? They are now above my yard! I cant believe that! Its just amazing to me, really. ::::pinching myself:::: How cool is that I ask ya?I have been walking around looking for messes, but, nope... clean! Maybe they just pass by to see whats going on. Maybe checking in on me? At any rate, its just fantastic to watch. I havent been able to spend much time pondering out there, but I'll get to it... the very first underwear day you can betcha I'll be on that deck I spy-ing seagulls and wondering who or what they are. ::wink to ronda::
We are still hard at work here. All moved in, all moved out, and Lordy you should see the mess. A bit overwhelming every hour of everyday. I take time out to ice my knee at least once a day, and I really hope that it gets stronger as I go. Poor Walt is as drained as I am... and still he "deals" with me. Tracy's cast was cut off, and I got a picture of it! ( wondering who cut it off arentcha?) What? I needed help here! work with me...... Hey Mary, you didnt warn me about this moving stuff....grrrrrr
Julie came to help for 2 days, and I for one was happy as a clam... oh wait... clam is Pismo, what is Morro? hmmmmm
June, ones empty, ones full.... Im closing in slowly, but the studio is packed deep and I cant figure out how to fix that My 2 weeks down time may have just been underestimated:(.
I have appointments coming up., so I better hurry.. ( yeah right, go faster up the stairs?) I never did finish my medallion Sampler.... I got so freaked out with the movers around I couldnt FIND any of Carla's artistic harmony! So she was stabilized and unloaded... quilt another day I say....
Back to the grind... I cant find my shoes, and thats down right unacceptable!
Love yer guts


Mary said...

ugh...I promised myself that if I unpacked just one box per day I'd be done in a week. So far I've only managed to make myself unpack 2 boxes and only because I was looking for something.

I figured out why I'm so reluctant to finish unpacking - it's because I ran out of room to put this stuff.

I looking forward to seeing some photos as you get settled in.

Anonymous said...

Underwear day, you go girl..... Winking back at ya.. I am so happy that you have found beauty and a little peace in your new place, God knows you deserve it.. Thinking of ya and thanks for reminding me why I really don't want to move (lol)... Love ya kiddo... Ronda

Anonymous said...

Gina, Congrats on your progress. Now just go in the front yard with a loaf of bread and the seagulls will come and you can feed them. I've done that at Morro Rock. When your settled start looking for some good eateries.I'm game for anything.

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