Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where there is Smoke, There IS Fire!

The cable guy came yesterday. A routine visit to correct the buzz in my cable box. No biggo deal right? I was blogging, loading a Sun Bonnet Sue, and making a bunch of postage stamps for a YIKES quilt.. A typical multi tasking Monday morning. Or so I thought.

I heard a loud POP! All life went down in the studio.Oh SNAP. I smell smoke! HEAVY smoke! I run to the Gammil and say a quick prayer over her. I ran back to computer and had a gut feeling something horrible has just happened. This surfer dude cable guy comes in and tells me that he got shocked. ::insert hu hu hu hu stupid chuckle:: I said, this isnt funny? What have you done? With the same goofy smile he said that he pulled his splitter and something happened. I said well, what are you going to do, all the lights and machinery is down? He again said I dont know, Im not an electrician. WHAT????? You blew this out, do you KNOW someone who can HELP YOU? I pointed at Greta and said" THIS is a very expensive machine you may have just killed??? He called his supervisor. Within 10 minutes 3 cable trucks and 5 manly men stomped into the shop. All of them with their HEADS UP THEIR ASSES could not get power back to the house!! Five hours later, one master bedroom TV dead, out of business for sure.... they leave and decided that its NOT THEIR FAULT???? Call your electrician????? While I'm seething about their lack of accountability, I am scared to death of the near future without my studio. Walt got home and immediately went to work saving the day. By a series of deductions he restored power to all but the Master TV, siting that CHARTER CABLE CO did indeed Screwed something up. Yes, surfer goof ball did blow up the circuits, and 6 men couldnt flip a GFI button in the bathroom!!!!!!!

My studio is safe. I hugged Greta and thanked God,Walt and every super surge protecter that we installed.. As for the TV Cable in the bedroom. Its dead for good. The original Buzz in the living room? Oh its allll gone... mission accomplished. The last time this happened, the cable guy with a little more G2 in him, just put in a new cable box and voila! no buzz...

I had a most nerve racking day, I had 2 glasses of wine which went over my 2 POINTS for WW plan, I think I frightened my BFF Heather cause she called in the middle of it all and witnessed my mini nervous breakdown, YELLING at the goofy guy.... ( sorry H, no wonder u didnt call back eh?) I'm not finished with these people. Heads are going to roll for this, and I'm really not to be messed with these days as I not only have anger issues, my coping skills are quite low, AND I personally loathe refusal of accountability. Ya just dont smoke up my home, kill all forms of electrical life, and not accept responsibility for it. THAT causes a fire in me!
In addition to that, I am currently dealing with my Moms dog Lucy, who is very ill, which makes Mom very ill, which makes me very upset-er. ( later post cause I just cant let go right now)

I'm really off to vote now, and MAKE it a good day.

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Desert Threads said...

OMG girl......I would start making nasty phone calls.

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