Tuesday, November 18, 2008

M & M's on Tuesday!

Anyone notice that M & M's are always on Tuesday lately? LOL, I'm a bit behind? You people know I'm busy right? I thought you saw Mom up there taking all my spare time! She gets a bit snarky if she see's me go for the computer. I have no idea why. Maybe its an evil-doer? sheesh Ma...
I guess the Christmas crunch is on, altho it sure doesnt feel like holidays to me. Can I just skip this year please? I'll just quilt quilts and call it a year, thanks. I really cant wait for 2009 to kick in just so that THIS year will be over.
I have 3 restoration projects going on downstairs. 1929 embroidered blocks, 1930 something GFG, and a 1960 sock it to me poly. (pics when camera is back up) All taken down to the bare bones, and 2 of them scalloped or hex edges which I have to brush up on my knife edge binding for? ( I think I'll bend Rondas ear on that one.) I had a difficult time with those teeny hexagons on the GFG, but I did it! :::SELF BUTTERCUP BLI:::: All of the rest are just pantos, so I can divide my self up a bit. I want to gt more time in for ME quilts too. It sure feels good to have one of my own completed. Mom is bucking fr a photo memory quilt, but honestly, the computer situations round here are choppy, and there isnt a lot of time left. I'll see what I can do. For now I will ponder last weeks M & M's, ( Marvelous Monday Gratitude's)

*Collected pin cushions that make me smile about thier origins.
* A bad Ass sound system in the shop! ( scuse me)
* A daughter who can help me with diabetic issues for her Grama ( seriously confusing disease)
* Mom's "loafing meat" its yummy!!
* Rudy finally saying Good.... ( on his way to morning!!) He is stubborn?
*Blood pressure meds... oh thank u thank u...lol

Happy day after Monday:)

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