Monday, December 1, 2008

I Like Cookies? - M & M's

I admit it. No, I love cookies. There. Its a weakness in times of trouble. Or in times of happiness. Maybe even in times of pondering, working, watching TV or computing with peoples in the box. I just love em. Now, admittedly I would rather have Blimas cookies, or even my own butter cookies, but when I am not cooking anymore, and Blimas cookies are all gone:::WAAAA:::: I have been known to hide a box of these in my basket at the store.
I have been trying to keep myself busy with things to do, people to see, and cookies to eat. Nope,, Did I just say that? sheesh... I would like to know why everyone around me is loosing weight at an alarming rate, and sending it all over to me!!! What? The cookies you say? grunt. Alas... I am my own worst enemy.
I had a nice time caring for Mom, and then a whirlwind valley trip for Thanksgiving. It was great, and I was thankful in the midst of pissedoff-edness for the past years events. I cooked, cleaned, visited, loved up on my kids/grands, had oodles of coffee with Heather and BA, we looked at homes, and even hit a new quilt shop in Oakdale.....and now I'm into the cookies again. I purposely took the remainder of Blimas raspberry biscotti to Kare Bears house so that I would STEP AWY FROM THEM.. and sure enough, poor Art is hooked on em too. Maybe I'll rent a room to a personal trainer and barter the rent...hmmmmmm
Maybe I'll tell Blima too "Ethel Up" and come back to take care of me...hmmmmmm But you know... these butter cookies are marvelous with SLO Morning Fog Lifter coffee!!! OMG AT NIGHT YOU SAY!!! Yes, I am the Cookie monster. grunt.
Today I made the Monday rounds picking up a few quilt tops and some yummy sale fabrics for UFO backings. You notice I dont join anyones stash busting clubs eh? Of course not. I just eat cookies. I think I am filled up now for every before Christmas slot there is. I could fit in a few more E2E tops.. send em over, I really want to help out the economy and shop. I tried a bit of that today too. My heart must not have been in it? I did a lot of "catch ~N~ release playing with the goods in the cart. ( I love that game)
For the first time in my young life I want to pass over Christmas. ( not to be confused with any other holiday, mind you) Marshalls blasted Christmas music, and I wasnt singing along. I looked around as if I had become annoyed. I had a mini meltdown in the mens department and decided that yes, I was annoyed. I left for Walmart, and cookies. You know how I just adore shopping right? Finding that perfect something for that perfect someone? Not here my friends...I lost it? What the heck? Where is it? Will it return? and WHO is this person anyway? I dont think we've met.
My sis and family are headed to Hawaii to "skip" Christmas. Good plan. If not for my kids/grands, I would book a trip to Mexico and do the same. Theres always next year... maybe. One would think anyway, but we never know do we? I wonder if they have good cookies?
I have been an absent blogger, I know. I'll try to be better. I just dont want to depress
Marvelous Mondays brings gratitudes a plenty, even from a stranger:)
*loyal customers ( almost every week eh?)
* good friends ( that too)
* That popover Heather made
* Stability from all sorts of places
*my alternative down pillows! ( man u miss em when youre away!)
*Rondas poster, KEEP CALM & CARRY ON.


The Sarah Bear said...

It was awesome to see you, even if it was quick! But that's all I can say because my head is stuck on imagining what your butter cookies taste like! And how much better they would be with coffee, at your dinner table, kicking your arse at Rummy.

Love ya

mav said...

I've been known to enjoy a cookie or two myself.

Maybe you could get yourself a nice Antique cookie jar and let your visual pleasure counter balance your taste pleasure if you want to eat less cookies.

Have fun in Hawaii, eat some papaya, macadamia nuts, or poi!

bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

MMmmmm Cookies.... Lets go to Mexico, I am not looking forward to the coming holidays especially New Years Eve, the we can have ourselves some margaritas baby..... Love U more.... Ronda

Anonymous said...

I love cookies too but...nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

LU, B.

Anonymous said...

Someone brought in an entire platter full of Christmas cookies into work today! My favoties were on there - Mexican Wedding cakes (we call them pecan balls). ARGH - my pants are too tight and my buttons on my new blouse are maxing out! No darn cookies for me. DARN IT. I'm hoping they are all gone by the time I get there tomorrow.

Karen A.

DearGina said...

oh Jeez Karen those are among my favorites too!
I havent had one yet today, :::pat on back::: but, no evening coffee made either...dodododo

Lori in South Dakota said...

chocolate covered almond biscotti dipped in home perked coffee. Ahhhh. Not sure I can wait until morning.

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