Tuesday, December 16, 2008

People Notice

What do people notice about you? A quick assesment.
Walt says (on several occasions) he left his wife in Hawaii. I say he is sorely mistaken. A changed life maybe, a search for where the heck did I leave normal? Maybe even displaced, a square peg in a round hole. But gone? No. Left behind? No. I'm still me. The same person with the same goals, dreams, drive, and traits. I have no different opinions on any subjects.. so why am I different? I dont think that I am. I am simply sad, with a great deal of stress on the side. Thats all. How many changes I ask you.. can one person endure in such a short amount of time? It doesnt mean that person has changed. Just whats around them maybe? In fact... someone once said..."People dont ever change". Is this true? Hmmmmm
Maybe I just need a cuppa familiar, cuppa normalcy...... and I'll call ya in the morning. Enough pondering, theres quilts to be quilted!
So what do peoples notice about you? Go on... try it.
Your sense of humor? Your passion for teaching? Your love of quilting? How about your love of playing in the dirt gardening? A beaming smile? Whats first? Quick? Non analizing, no pondering needed. Unless you're me...lol Happy Tuesday, make it a good day :)


Sharon Dixon said...

Hmmm....it would be interesting to know what people really notice about me. I know that they know me for my quilting. At a recent neighborhood party, I got a bunch of "Oh, you're the quilt lady" comments. What I hope they think about me is that I'm a kind and understanding person....that's what I aspire to be anyway.

Freda said...

I have been told people notice how I always have a smile on my face. Most of the time I do but they should see me when I am sad, however it don't last very long. I hope you find all your happiness Gina.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

I think my smile is what people notice most of the time. But boy, there've been plenty of times it's been hard to come up with one.
In Dad's last year, we went to visit as many times as we could. One of the visits was in March. When we left their house in Oregon, I cried all the way across the state. (we were driving) We stopped in Boise with family, I dried up a little, then proceeded to cry all the way across Idaho.
Not a good thing to do to your man.
Outside Lava Hot Springs (SE Idaho) Tom said "you've got to stop crying."
My answer? "Yes, I know, but I don't know how."
Tom: "Pray about it."
Me: (to myself) "and who are you to tell me to pray?" to him "I HAVE been, and what would you know about prayer anyway??!"
But I prayed. I prayed to accept what God's will was.
Gina - the skies cleared. I swear to you, it had been raining and gloomy, and the skies cleared, the sun came beaming through, and it was as though I was lifted out of that pickup and assured that everything would be o.k. NOT that I would be happy with everything, but that He is in control, and it's all gonna be all right.
Well, I've cried plenty in the last ten years, but not with such hopelessness.
I'm so sorry for your struggles, and I ask that His peace be yours.
You and Walt already know this, but the only way through what you've got to go through is "through it" - you can't go around, you can't go beside. I can't imagine the depth of your sorrow, but please consider yourself being held in the hearts of many across this nation.
And, it'll be o.k. I promise.
Laura in Colorado

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