Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather! - M & M's

Belated by a day, because I am not in tune with life. GRUNT. I hope you had a wonderful day, and yes, Sunday IS better for a birthday than Monday, so Im sure they loved you up a bunch! I miss you. I miss celebrating with you.ANd of course I have somepin for I just didnt know what day it was?

Marvelous Mondays mean gratefulness for........

The day that Heather was born

Her devotion & friendship

Her love for craftiness

Her flattery of imitation

Her exceptional photography skills

Her baby Sarah

Her ever growing domestic skills:)

Thank You Joan, Mother of Heather... for sending this woman to me, and mine, and hers!


The Sarah Bear said...

Thank you G! We had the whole fam over and ate some good tastin' raviolis and a cake by Sarah and Harmony. I am blessed.

All that was missing is coffee with my girls - you comin!?

Heather's MOM said...

I did good, Huh! Heather is talented, Kind, Caring and pretty inside and out. I am so happy she has friends like you! Kisses

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