Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm STILL After this!

It's good to know one thing remains the same in my life. My desire to NAB this prize! Either one, I dont care...
I darn near wrecked the car as I was zooming down the hill this morning to deliver christmas quilts. I said OH YES I REALLY DID SEE THAT DIDNT I?
SIGH:::: I could do so much for so many... It would be so heart warming to really be Mrs Claus eh?
Tonight is the Mega Million, 207... 7 winners, 7 states combined.. I havent a shot in the dark to be that little engine that could... Or do I?
Tomorrow night is the California state Lotto.. My chances are greater, I know. Man oh man... So as I sit here trying to get warm with a chicken pot pie.. staring at my wonky memory quilt I have been battling all day...thinkin......
What would YOU do with just a lil bit of this??
After tending well to my parents and children, I think I would have a blast with several sets of keys.. all packaged separately, jingling in a golden box with a silver bow. What do those keys go to you ask? Ahhhh, I knew you would, but doncha know me by now?
Homes people! Homes! The safe sanctuary that we all need. How wonderful would it feel to have that ownership? Security blanket? It would feel like all else in life is truly possibly, and if not...if they fall... they surely have a safe landing:) And , of course, its near G!!! ( had to throw that in there)

I cant wait for that show to begin about the secret millionaires helping to give people homes. Have you seen the commercials? Now THAT'S gotta feel good huh? Giving the security of a home. Nothing elaborate, of course. Modest, and more importantly... its who is under the roof, not what the roof looks like. I saw on the news last evening where homeless people are using "squatters rights" in homes that had been foreclosed on. That was just heartbreaking. Both for the family who lost their home, and for those living on borrowed time, in fear, but have a roof over their head. While I was visiting in the valley for Thanksgiving Heather took me to a once beautiful million dollar property, vandalized, marked up , beaten up.. and it haunts me even now just wondering about the history of the family there.
So, How about you? any plans.....IF?

Good luck to.........................US! Thanks for lunch, good to chat ya.. finally...


Christine Olson said...

DH and I watched a report about the booming business of cleanup crews that are used on foreclosed properties. Some of these homes have amazing stuff just...LEFT! Heirloom furniture, important papers, family pictures, memorabilia, children's toys, I even saw a QUILT!

Imagine that, leaving a quilt! It was heartbreaking.

What desperation or plain old despair would cause families to seemingly abandon everything? Yes, millions could help a lot of people. But even the spare change of millions of people can make a difference.

Even though I have less to give this year, I find I am giving more because I am blessed to be able to give at all.

Good luck on your ticket(s)! And if it's not this could be next. Right? Never underestimate optimism.

Diana said...

Oh man Gina, you and I dream the same dream! I can't tell you how many times I have won AND SPENT the lotto money in my mind. Always is giving every person in our family a big chunk of change and then buying a new house for ourselves, nothing huge but nice. Then put enough away to make sure we can live comfortably THEN do a lot of good with the rest. So many people need so much. I would give freely whenever I saw a need. Wouldn't want it to be a circus though. Can you HAVE millions w/o everyone knowing and hounding you?
One of us need to find out. Hey, if I win, I'll cut ya off a chunk! hehe. It's great to dream big right?

DearGina said...

ONE, lucky winner in Ohio.. ONE? How can ONE person win 270 million??? I cant get my head around that at all.

Diana said...

You could if it were YOU!

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