Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beach Weather?

Ice cubed sized hail which has remained since last evening in piles! I am pondering if the poor pelicans and sealions were being pelleted by this!( I pondered this from the deck, looking at the beach, being pellted myself by hail!)

My Poor Car!!
Its low 30's today, but expected to CLIMB? to the 50 mark??? SHEESH... Its snowing and sticking not 20 miles from me over the hill!!!
My machine has been pissy for an hour before it dawned on me that she is cold tooo!!!! So I made another cuppa, I'm letting her run to warm up. I considered nuking some warm oil for her, but decided that it may be over the top even for me.
So I'm going to make make miles of binding and enjoy sitting by the heater doing it.... with a fresh cuppa my new fav coffee....."Darned Good Coffee". ( SLO coffee co)

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Anonymous said...

No sympathy for you about the weather. It has been in the teens and a ft or more of snow here with a blasting NE wind. My van won't go anywhere. Have to haul water for the sheep from inside. I don't even think about driving my van anywhere. Couldn't get her over the drift in the driveway.

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