Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clouded Clarity

Its not in my coffee... no... I looked.. there are clouds in my clarity! Just when I think I have a grip on productivity, I cloud up again. Just when I think a decision has been made, I second guess it. JUST when I go to make a list an organize something, I wonder off taking trash out or sweeping an already swept floor. Its wonderful to be level headed for at least short intervals you know? I'm very upset at this person. I must have found another Sybil. I don't care for her at all. I much prefer the assertive, confident, and even demanding Sybil friend. Walking, talking and living WITH purpose. I have listed and weighed all reasons for funkiness, and threw it in the trash. Why?Because they are not acceptable to me. Sybil #1.
Even the holidays are clouded. I'm not feeling it. May be its a good thing that I'm not around the grands. I'm not wearing jingle bell socks or hiding presents or discussing them. Its December and I not only havent decorated, I dont even know where they are! Have you ever fought with yourself to SNAP OUT OF IT? Its a new one on me, for sure.

Its a darn good thing I am PANTO-ing up this week. I shudder to think what would happen too a custom job with this clouded clarity. I might mix a koi fish in with a sun bonnet sue or something! ACK! I have noticed something really cool. I am searching all the time for spare moments to piece my own quilts! Dragging out patterns, petting fabrics, organizing fat quarters! ( its a good thing too) ( anyone notice yet that I have Martha Stewart on the Telly? Every things a good thing, GRUNT) I have been playing with many Batiks too... Sharons new "Choose your own adventure" pattern lends itself well to a batik theme. I'll show ya the simplicity of it later. Hey I have a question.... When making many borders, un mitered borders, I was told to put on sides first, then hat and shoes ( top and bottom) I think it may have been Cherie Mieneke...Not sure.. But I dont know that it looks right? Can any of you confirm this for me? I have machine quilted a LOT more than I have pieced tops! All of my customers, well, most, miter all corners/borders. ( over achievers I

I'm not a penguin. I mean they cute and all, full of love and all... FOR A SEASON! Thats all! I'm not a penguin. ( dont ask, I guess I just threw that in to throw u a curve...mental me)

Clarity is the property of being clear or transparent.
Clarity can refer to one's ability to clearly visualize an object or concept, as in thought, understanding, and the "
mind's eye", as well as the traditional notion of visual perception, that is, with the actual eyes. Clarity may also refer more broadly to 'perspicacity', the Zen concept of 'no mind', or other terms denoting general clear and unperplexed cognition.

Ok, Now I REALLY have clouds in my clarity after reading the definition! Sheet! I want to say here and now that there is NO clear and unperplexed cognition round here! LOL I think this requires a stitch n bitch night. I need the WOMEN. I think I'll email them, send em an invite or something. Theres just something about machines humming, women laughing, music playing and food being passed that helps to solves all of lifes issues. Maybe it stems from childhood memories. (doesnt everything?) I remember being in my parents shop where all the seamstress worked. (motorcycle seats) I marvelled at all of the gossip and laughter. Sometimes if I sit still long enough, I can smell the shops air. Its filled with aromatic coffee, machine oil, leather, cigarettes, and perfume. I should tell you all about it one day! I wonder if Mom ever suffered from clouded clarity. I would ask her, but it would disturb her too much to see that I suffer. I'm gooing to go and attack that ambitious TO DO List over there.... yep.. thats where I'm headed.. wish me luck:)


Judy Whitehead said...

Yep, I have in the past several years found clarity to come and go.

As for the borders, I put on sides first, then top and bottom if I'm not mitering. Don't know why, just do. LOL

Sending you hugs today

Anonymous said...

I'm with side borders first also. A carpenter frames much the same way.... Like around a window. By nailing the bottom board on after the side boards are in place, it looks like the sides are supported by the bottom board. Just looks better. FWIW. :-). (((((hugs from Texas))))

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