Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday- M & M's

So what did YOU buy today online? I was a very good girl and stayed away from all retail sales sites ad went STRAIGHT for the travel agents for next Christmas season. Did you know that the Disney cruises are all booked until 2011 ? WTH?? So then I went to Italy, then Mexican Riviera, onward to Disney
and then I went to work on the house mess. GRUNT. Its really the first time to play "Catch & Release" online! Hey! It works!! YOU DO play catch & release right? Its the best game around, you MUST try it!
My shop is officially all sheet rocked and just a mess of a mess out there. Doncha just hate that white powdery mess it makes? I think I will go with a butternut yellow paint. Well, after I do a floor... after we texture... wow what another journey eh? Speaking of.. I need to get to it!
Have a great Monday:)

Marvelous Mondays Include

* Young sheet rock hanger men
*Shop vac!
*that great lil Sushi Bar around the corner
* Facebook videos of my baby grand girl singing with her talented Mommy
*Left over rib steak for a quick and easy Sirloin tips over noodles! ( where the crap are my cook books buried?)
* All of my errands within a 5 mile radius!

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