Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving Isnt For Me. Grunt

Two smallish goose eggs, one cut/broken middle toe, one smashed big toe, one knee football sized, so sore from top to bottom. Thats the move update so far. OMGoodness. At what point does one say they are too flippin old to do this? Here's what I think.... At 40 I declared no more tent camping,dirt sweeping, campfire cooking.... RVing only allowed for me now. At 50, I shall declare no more packing, unpacking,moving boxes, hefting furniture, building sheds, erecting shelves, and the like. PERIOD. Thats all I have to say about that. OUCH.
The rae of sunshine is that it is beautiful here. The sun comes up over the back fence illuminating the rolling hills of Arroyo Grande. Our coffee tastes so wonderful sitting under the finger palm trees watching this sight unfold. While its true all around us is organized chaos, it just doesnt matter much at all. At that very moment, for a few mornings in a row now, all that does matter is the feeling of hope for the future.
I am having to take more breaks this morning due to pain all over the place. SO I thought I'd come chat with you. I should be cleaning the kitchen as I cant get in there right now. We have gone from a commercial kitchen, maybe the size of a small house, to a U shaped space of a large bathroom...LOL. Wait a minute, thats not really very funny. Grunt. No matter, I'll figure it out. As long as I can always get to the coffee pot, who cares? I DO think my studio will share with kitchen items as they just wont fit in here. As the men were bringing in box after box marked kitchen we all laughed because they would look at me and say "Senora~, Mas Cucina?" Rofl, the room was filled floor to ceiling and no more could go in there. Consequently, The shop has rows of boxes, and nope... I have yet to find my good dishes. grunt. Ginger and I did the happy dance to find the can opener for her!
Walt has been outside since about 5 I dont think I will get him in here, but I'm glad he likes it out there too. Maybe it will aid in his recovery. He and I finished up the Pickford yesterday and hung the CLOSED sign on the front doors. We will make one more trip, pass through if you will, to make sure all is well.
Eight months of I dont even have the words to label those 8 months.... what a ride.
I should get back to it. I hope all is well with all of you. Happy Sunday.
Love yer guts, G


Vicki W said...

Did you move back to your original home or is this a new place? I don't blame you for saying "no more packing and moving", at some point we are just too old for that stuff! Relax and enjoy the moment.

Desert Threads said...

You are home and that's all that matters. Sitting with a cuppa and watching the sun come up.......what could be better than that??

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're back home. the boxes don't have to be all opened at once. relax a little .... it will be there tomorrow. shirley

Anonymous said...

i'm not quite 50 yet but i'm on board with no more boxes! kayp

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