Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin! and M & M's

Happy Birthday Dear Grandson! Wow, 10 years ago I got my first grandson! Woohoo!! Where does the time go anyway? I cant be that old? ( Im not either, I started young)

Pappa delivered Justin the gift of music. A guitar and a how to book, and some really cool picks! We are in hopes that his passion blossoms into a beautiful sound. Justin, its in the blood, do well grandson! Have a happy day, and sing like no ones listening! I love you:)

Happy Monday
Happy Rosh Hosanna
Happy friends coming
Happy new fall handbag
Happy carpet cleaner guy so I dont have to.
Happy Birthday Justin,
Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy, do you see a subliminal chant going on here?


Anonymous said...

thanks nonni. I love u too--Justin

Anonymous said...

Thanks G,
See you Wed.

Carla said...

What a handsome grandson, Gina!! Happy Birthday, Justin!
from... a quilting friend of your Nonni's

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