Monday, September 15, 2008

Marvelous Mondays Is A Month of Birthdays! (say that 3 times fast)

Why is September such a hot ticket for births? I have no idea, but I do know its been a bank robber for many years! OMG!!!

Marvelous Mondays pondering how happy I am that these people were born!

      • 9/8 Matthew (nephew)
      • 9/9 My Munz
      • 9/10 Sis anniversary too!
      • 9/16 My Jakester, he will always be my Baby eh?
      • 9/17 sil Mary
      • 9/18 Super chicken Rudy! ( he is about to be 7, or not, if he doesn't shut up over there, I cant think!)
      • 9/23 Blima (she will always be older than me...hehehehhe)
      • 9/29 Justin , oldest grandson 10 ( & Jeff, Blimas baby!)
      • 9/30 Niece Katie doodle, miss her mucho)

      There may be more... as I think I have officially contracted Halfheimers. GRUNT I cant find ONE decent calendar since the move..(or anything else for that matter)

      Happy Monday to all. I have the tulips completely frogged, its now time to quilt again.. I think I may have forgotten how? Is this possible???


      Diana W said...

      Hey Girlie! Happy Bday to all of course but the REAL reason I am writing is I wanted to tell you I finally made the Sausage and Tortellini soup. OMG! It is so good! Only difference is I used that bulk sausage Cherezio I think it is called. Which made it a bit spicy and full of flavor. My Mark is already planning to make it for a tailgate coming up..It's a HIT! Thanks Gina.

      Suzanne Earley said...

      It's cold in December, don't you know?


      Judy Whitehead said...

      Your September is our October! LOL Wonder if every family has a certain month that's more prolific for birthdays than other months?

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