Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1981-It Was A Very Good Year

September in the valley is typically one of the hottest months of the year, 1981 being no different. Fat~N~Happy I awaited the birth of our boy. He was late. Very late. ( a sign for years to come). Jamie was long and lanky, blond and beautiful. Blue eyed and seemingly healthy. Or so we thought. I was prepared for round 3 of colicky, but not for a year of asthma. After Jamie's first few episodes ( read attacks) I decided that everyday that he was breathing, was a glorious one. After all, the pediatricians all said that in 2 years he would outgrow it? I wondered if I would survive. September 9th, 1982 we spent in the hospital with our boy again. Mom, Dad,Balloons, cake, well wishers, brother and sister, we celebrated making it through the year. With Jamie in a bubble, attached to a breathing machine, I didn't wonder what year 2 would bring, I had faith that Jamie would be healthy. Prayers and pharmaceuticals....lol They worked and our boy blossomed into a fully fledged curtain climber:) He grew strong and happy and brought much joy to others, especially Mom.
The prayers and pharmaceuticals wont work this time will it? I always believed that his life was spared for a greater purpose. What could the purpose have been if it didnt last but 24 more years?
This morning I find myself wrapped in a quilt. A burst of warmth and energy needed to get through this day. I'm off to be with family, and as we gather round a place where Jamie DOES NOT reside, I fear I'll just die a bit more inside, and continue to live and thrive on the outside.
Mind boggling.
The good news is, I will get to be with family and friends. Tend to my parents, and find laughter in my grands. You guys be good, see you Thursday:)
Thanks to those of you who have emailed or telephoned, remembering Jamies birthday with us. I am grateful.
I also wish to thank Phyllis for this lovely Angel holding her son. How I only wish it were me. ( I know, I can pretend) Thank you Phyllis.


Freda said...

My prayers are with you Gina. ((((((hugs)))))) Wherever you may go.

Anonymous said...

Birthdays are tough. I'm glad you will be with friends and family, it helps somewhat. BEEG Hug.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you.

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