Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Wondering

Ok, so last nights FRINGE was really creepy, but I swear I was hooked! I couldnt keep quilting, I had to watch! I know that I had entirerly too much coffee, but wow....
House premiere, unfortunatly, let me down. Why do the writers have to screw up a good thing? This year Dr. House is way too EVERYTHING, addicted, narcissitic, arrogant, etc... and, why is it that every season someone we like leaves? Now Wilson? Well shoot... they have precious little time to re-hook me, or I'll just entertain myself with fabric and thread instead.
Speaking of, I am actually making headway on that dang custom in there. Know what drives me? The very thought of more ripping out! OKay, and impending october I have so much on the fire its ridiculous!Birthdays all over the place,More clothes for Walt, Blima coming, Road Trip, Quilt camp (hopefully) in Oregon, shop supplies, Photos ordered from H.... ok, Im getting shakey, change channel, head going into sand.
Today I will work the night shift, in favor of a pismo trip for shopping:) :::SMILE::: I need some birthday treasures, and dog food! Ok, and Walmart run. I love this run... I get to zoom around all my streets, hit the beach, luncheon in town....sigh... I have no plans for Rudys birthday tomorrow.. Maybe Ill make him some birdie muffins and pick up a new leather toy today. Darned expensive pet! I say that, as I just finished a perusing of mini macaw breeders in the state....RUT ROOOOOOOO
I almost bought him an Indian Ringneck pal the other day . I figured, what could be a better toy than a new friend to yak with? Then I re thunk that... $$$$$
See ya later! I need to get on the road!

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Anonymous said...

House lost me last year. Which is a bummer, because I don't watch a lot of TV but I liked that show. The dude is just too "out there" for me. He's way beyond arrogant.

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