Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art In The Park

I know that this doesnt show well but I think its a fabulous find by a local artisan. Its a copper tubing, wired nest, with marbled hearts inside of nest. Engraved on the copper is my new sign:

Live On Purpose

<-----love it!

Art In The Park happens often here in Morro Bay, come go with me:) If you would like to see more pics and good reading stuff... go over to Sarahs site, (our week end visitors) We had such a good time I really wish they would come live here!!
Today was a diligent try at making normal happen in the shop. I think I may be victorious:)
I frogged a few hours on that damn tulip border that i so messed up awhile back. Looks like like I had a little too much wine, when i hadnt had any? ( hmm a clue, drink mo wine), started the yearly Epilepsy foundation quilt, altered a shirt, made Walts YIKES Batik back ( top isnt done yet..lol) So I was productive.. self brownie button... I'll be going for it again tomorrow. Trying to keep spirits lifted.......


Freda said...

Hang in there Gina. You are doing good. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

unique piece of art gina. i love it. glad you had a good day!

The Sarah Bear said...

YEA!!! PROGRESS!!!! Now let's get that darn quilt of the rack already! And when I say let's - I mean you.

Love you sis

Anonymous said...

Like the saying!

Karen A.

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