Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Week-End-M & M's

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself and especially to feel, or not to feel. It's all just OKAY with them. That's a great part of a good friendship - letting a person be what she really is, and loving her anyways:)

Whether its a rousing game of rummy, A shopping trip to Art In The Park, coffee on a street corner, a chaotic dinner for five with a 30 minute wait, Breakfast at noon via our interactive Bed & Breakfast or just sittin on the deck psycho-analyzing each other... these friends are a blessing to have over for the long week-end. Thanks Heather, Kim & Sarah for a great time. ( in my jammies or not) Next time, I'll make certain that Aviana stays, cause I missed her:(
I so enjoyed making camera straps and YO YO's and all that was mentioned above. I found your note in the fridge, and I miss you too .(thanks for just one more cry pal) ( can u freakin move here already????)
Tomorrow (in my mind) seems to be a remarkable day for me. Maybe a SHOT at some normalcy coming. Walt at work, car in driveway, no visitors, or earth shattering drama ( from my mouth to Gods ears eh) and.................I am hopeful that I will have a productive good work day. I'm going to make a list. ( woohoo!!)
I've decided... A Happy Wife, Is A Happy Life... I need a new sign. Wait until you see the new art find from this week end!! Hopefully a pic tomorow.
Hope all of you peoples in blogland enjoyed your week end too!

*Local Artisans work for our home
*Grand daughters saying the darndest things
* Healing friendships
* My car in the driveway
*Beautiful Batiks to play with
*Quilts to wrap myself in
*card games!!!!


The Sarah Bear said...

I miss you! I want to come back - which is all we heard from Sarah the entire way home!!!! "I want to go to Aunti G's house, turn around."

Love you - will have pics soon!


Desert Threads said...

It's so good to have friends we can count on.

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