Friday, September 12, 2008

Basking on the Bay

Hi Honies I'm home! I had a fast, furious and frustrating trip to the valley, and Im a TAD bit revitalized having been with my family for a bit. I wanted to share these pics of an hour at the embarcadero today for my lunch break. These guys crack me up. They arent the least bit afraid of humans, and will gladly mooch foods from anyone. I think those pelicans in empty boats makes for good fisherbirds eh? Harbor Harvey is also no slouch in the mooching department. He loves sun and snacks:)
I am busy trying to catch up down in the shop while I have some momentum. Wish me luck:)


Vicki W said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home G.... Looks like you have sunshine, I want to come back, whaaaaaaaaa! All the luck in the world to ya... Big hugs, love ya MORE... Ronda

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