Monday, September 29, 2008

Order Your Christmas Cards Over Here!!

Ok, So you know that I'm Moomp Photographys best cheerleader yes? So why should today be any different? I'd like you to go over to her blog and give a read to her fall/winter offers. I think even those far far away could benefit greatly at these prices!! Just think, one email could possibly get you Christmas cards just like that!
Also, for those who ARE closer, you can take advantage of her mini session rates! I have plans, ( albeit she knows not) to do both!!!
Heres the deal..... a young company, a hungry ambitious company, with talent on loan from God, can benefit those of us coming in on the ground floor! Guess what? I am certain that when she's rich & famous, she wont forget her original followers:) I myself have some wonderful shots that I haven't shared yet that I have ordered in canvas they are so good!!! ( checks in the mail H)
I cannot choose which ones I would like on the Christmas cards, but Im sure she will help me. ::hint Hint::: Anyway, GO SEE!!!!
Love yer Guts, I'm fluffing up the guest room for Blim:) I cant wait!!

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