Friday, September 19, 2008


I know things are a smiggent better this week when I pull a full on Lucy move.

I never learn ....never....just say no to boxes of dye and scissors in bathrooms..... after my shower, staring at myself in the mirror, I said OMG U NEED A HAIRCUT SO BAD. I got my sewing scissors nearby and began to give myself some bangs. FREAKED myself out and ran out of the bathroom calling myself names. I called Patti, my old stylist in AG... she went on a cruise!! HOW COULD SHE???
I went to pismo with a visor on so no one would see my Britney Spears hatchet job. Did my business in town, picked up a new quilt job at the Attic, then when I stopped for my lottery ticket. ( 7-11) Next door was a salon called Generation X. Door open, justin Timberlake blasting away.... I peeked in and said to a tattooed up looking bambi “ do u take idiot walk ins?”
She laughed and said sure, what u need? I pulled off my visor and said “ I tried to give myself a Sarah Palin “do” this morning, got scared half way thru and quit, now I have short choppy things everywhere. She laughed again and said Serena can fix u up. Out comes this 20 something bambi, tattoos all over ( again) with a cut that looks like she put a bowl on her head and trimmed around it. I said to her, I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING LIKE THAT! Serena said noooo this is just MY style, I know what u want, grabbed a magazine and said this? I said yes, can you fix me? She smiled and said of course, as she rolled up her sleeves exposing more ink. I then asked her if it was a prerequisite to be inked to work here and she said no, it just worked out that way. I was afraid. Very afraid.
I had a most enjoyable hour and I love the cut. A bit longer than I wanted, but it works. Walt likes it, but he did say he prefers my curls the most. ( translation, foo foo hair he can grab)
I asked Serena if she was a good colorist and she told me she was and used only Aveda products. I said the 3 little words closest to my business minds heart..............”I’ll be back!
I thanked all the ink-ettes in there and went to buy just one more super lotto ticket given IT MUST be my lucky day!
I’m going to try the beehive tomorrow...Roflmao!! I think I really need an Ambush Makeover:)

PS: now all I need is frameless lenses, a new body, and some glossy lipstick!
PS: Por Favor~ no political comments as this is just plain fun! ( ok, and my bucket full of thick hair)


The Sarah Bear said...

Sarah? Is that you?! ::cat call::

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Darling, you need some red shiny lipstick....... Will you have to flat iron it??? Love the new you...... Ronda

Anonymous said...

Still howling at My Lucy.


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