Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sir Rudy!

A 9/11 parrot named after Sir Rudy Giuliani, and my all time favorite buddy:) Seven years old and does time sure fly. It seems like yesterday that I was pleading with him to talk, and now he wont ever shut up. Well, unless company is here and you WANT him to perform. LOL Then he is as quiet as church mouse with a look on his face like..."What? Birds cant talk". pppffftttt
Perpetually (I would say) a 3 year old child, this super chicken keeps me on my toes. Today he will get his new wooden toy and a birdie muffin, and a good shower. If he is lucky I'll clean his cage. ( again) I would sure like another companion parrot, until reality hits and I clean his cage, pay his vet, or buy his toys. WOW... Time, energy and Mula, I think I should maybe re-think that whole second parrot idea eh?
I have been teaching him to sing Avi's song, "You are my sunshine", and although he whistles it well, greys arent typically great singers. But its cheap entertainment I tell you! He cant carry a tune in a bucket, but he gets an "A" for giving all he's got to Mom. I will keep him. Happy Birthday Dear Rudy:)


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add, that he bites. LOL!!! Dont get too close to the super might lose a lip, or a finger. Happy Birthday nasty bird.Thanks for keeping my mom happy

Anonymous said...

wow 7 yrs old already, time sure does fly, I remember when you just brought him home, you were kvetching about him not talking and worried about having the dumbest parrot ever, lol.

Happy B-day Sir Rudy.

p.s and what Karen Said. read first post


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