Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Blima!!!

I hope that you have a fabulous day, and that everyone treat you as special as you are:) Now tell me again, how old are you??? Ohhhh I remember!! OLDER THAN ME!!! HA! ( and always will be)
I cant help but to pretend that we will have our birthdays together, which will UNDOUBTABLY kickass the real days!! Oh wait, no pretending, IT WILL!!! I got the car gassed up, snacks ~N~ sodas in the trunk, a couple CD's to sing your ears off with ( that will make Oprah and Gayle trip pale in comparison) for yet another road trip, and more memories to make.
Lets win in Lake Tahoe, and spend a fair amount of it at every outlet along the way! I have a list... dishes for sis, 3 coffee mugs for me, new embellished jeans for me too...ok, and some shoes..no maybe boots...lol.... Shirts for Walt, and lotsa cool stuff for the grands:) oh! and that elusive camera fabric that i cant find.. mental note, quilt shop stops in every city... ( dont worry, I have a Mapbook that shows every single one too)
I'm quilting my fingers off over here, say it with me...MO MONEY HONEY!!! ( remember, enough lettuce for my shoe fettish)
Happy Birthday Woman! I love ya:) I have your beach chair ready, and Walts sitting here saying that he has your shovel...ROFL
Have you guys been to Blimas site yet? You should! She is an amazing chef, and even more so Baker!
Great, now I want some............BlimaCake!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy, you deserve some gifted happiness,,, LUM Ronda

The Sarah Bear said...

Happy Birthday to the "B" Woman! Give me a "whoop whoop".

Hey G - you gonna make her dance to cyclone too? Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gina, I love a birthday blog, I love you.

Thaks Heather,Dance a Cyclone? sure why not :) as long as I have Gina doing it beside me.
Did she ever tell you about the Howie Mandle elevator story :)
We sure do have fun together.

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