Monday, December 27, 2010

Did We Make It Through? M & M's

I did! Alert the media! Call Live Copter 3 for Petes sake! Wow, what a ride eh? I may say that the journey is everything, but with me its just get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on!
I had a nice time with kids on Christmas eve, and spent some good work time with Walt. Mr. Wizard will be proud of the accomplishments when we chat tomorrow. (film at 11:00) We enjoyed a fabulous meal that I DIDNT cook at Papapovlos yesterday.. Best rack of lamb with a port reduction sauce I have had in a very long time! ( gotta love greek food eh)
Now it is back to my Quilting, planning, and self work. I am contemplating reviving an old New Years tradition of my own version of "the year in pictures". We always drag out every picture in the year, re live them, sort them, archive them or frame them and its quite therapeutic. I'm giving this more thought as we also lost Mom this year, so that isnt going to be an easy task at all. We'll see. I am concentrating (trying to) on the future, and packing away the past. Or as it has been said... Opening the door, walking through it,.. so that I may get to somewhere else. ( in one piece)
Was Santa good to you peoples? He is always to me too:) I got some yummy fabrics for a new project, a new beachable jacket,my cracked up blackberry replaced, and my secret wish list treat the Pandora Bracelet! I will have serious pleasure watching it grow! My grands had fun with their gifts, in fact, Aviana has YET to remove her new Lady Bug boots! lol Ginger is enjoying 2 things that we cannot decide which is her favorite. A squeaky toy FAR bigger than she is.... or the prime rib bone!!
Now.. having said all that.. I gotta tell ya, I DO NOT understand the news blurps about retailers reporting best sales in 3 years!!! WTH? This is the worst as far as I can remember! I'm not talking about emotionaly, I mean monetarily!! Am I wrong? Every single person I know is squeezing that buck like never before so I just dont get the news reports at all.
I am off to night quilt....cause thats how I roll.... I plan to have a Stitch N Bitch this week too!
Love year guts, let me know your exciting ( or not) NY plans so I can live vicariously through YOU!

M & M's include:

New tools. New skills. New ways to ponder the rebirth of wonder. ( I know, u gotta be me to get that)
The great boot find.
rack of lamb... omgoodness yum.
No snow here

side note, please oh please send me some sun my vitamin D levels are suffering!!! ( remember the shots I endured??? No moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Anonymous said...

No need to explain:

New tools. New skills. New ways to ponder the rebirth of wonder. ( I know, u gotta be me to get that)

I get it completely!


Karen A.

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