Monday, December 6, 2010

Long Fun Week end & M and M's.

I want to do it again:) Oh wait! I think I will! I have 3 days to work my lil tail off and then I go to my BFF Ronda's! ( I still cant believe it) I think we will party quilt like rock stars! I hope I have some time to pack properly THIS time. sheesh... I was such a basket case last trip. No matter, I had a fun time in Atascadero (adter the 101 meltdown, gosh I'm getting so good at those eh?) with Linda as we played with fabric, thread, and wine, dogs. I feel in love with her aierdale, Gracie! ( ok, and the hot tub) I have a CAR full of thread waiting to be unloaded when the darn rain quits. Thanks so much Linda, lets quilt!
 Then over to Morro to spend some quality time with Walt:) I made some soups and we took in a movie and talked a bunch. I managed to get home to Arroyo Grande and didnt want to leave. I'm wondering now if its not a good idea to be in AG, as anger emerges in me while at the same very homesick. Remember the post about "If home is where the heart is, I must have 2 of each?" Well... FLIP IT!  CLIC
So they tell me its Christmastime..... I see it all over... 19 days to go, not feeling it peoples!! If I could find my passport I would be on a plane to Montreal! I am on a big search, believe me. I'm trying Blima!!!!!!!!
I gotta get busy, have a great Monday!

M & M's

Good friends, fun times

Hope for better times
Safe travel in storms
My red coffee cup
Ginger being well cared for in my absense
Rudy being loved in my absense too!

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