Thursday, December 9, 2010

Portland Bound!

Off to see my soul sista... hang out, talk life skills... quilt... find trouble. ( wheres the striker key?) I am in the airport..:::not in the bar::: waiting.. cause thats what it looks like everyone else does here. I didnt get frisked:( Yeh, I was kinda bummed.. I was READY FOR EM! I Did however set off the alarm having forgotten the cell phone in my bra. Thanks H.... grunt. To my horroe... the 20 dollar fee I paid for my bag was 50.5 pounds and you DO know what that means right? Ahuh... I CANNOT bring a single thing back with me! ( or it increases to 50 bucks! ) Seriously ridiculous.. I smell an entire blogabout there I tell ya. Its raining still and I hear tell it will be the same in Ore. I hope to sign on and send you peoples pics so stay tuned:)
PS: side note: no plane since YOU know WHEN.. I'm already hyperventilating but self talk at rapid speed going on! I dont like feeling my heart pound through 3 layers of clothing. CLIC


marilyn said...

Have a great time in Portland......remember
Party Like a Rockstar. Will be waiting to hear
about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

Have a blast!!!! Make sure to post pictures of your adventures!! And most of and laugh a lot!! BeckyP

Rian said...

Have a great time. This break will do you a world of good. WON'T IT! ;-)

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