Thursday, December 16, 2010

Displaced or Valid Anger? BOTH!!

Since my appointment schedule is kinda kinked I am putting Thursdays visits onto Tell All Tuesdays.... isn't that special?? :::omg do u remember her? LOL:::::
Mr Wizard asked if I'd like a road map, or to use my own agenda. I nearly fell out of my comfy black swivel rocker to my knees and begged for a road map. He laughed and said lets do some of each. My list for the day was anger management. His, displaced anger. Hmmmmm Now theres a lesson in itself.After 45 minutes of examination of the subject Mr Wizard hit a nerve and caused a meltdown. Not to let myself go to far of course, I had a hankie nearby. The tears of a clown are not allowed to show.
Sometimes I feel like that little girl in Charlie and the Chocolate factory that everyone despises. The one who wants it all and wants it now. Just as quickly.... my Sybilness is such a little victim. Maybe I'm just mad at me. On that note I shall go and ponder today's lesson and begin my homework. ( actually Id like to smack the new dog that moved in next door because of its incessant whining and crying.) Oh wait! I need to smack its owner!!! Ergo, displaced anger.
"Anger is an emotional response triggered by an interpretation that a threat is or may be present. The physical effect it has is to activate the fight or flight response and prepare the body for action." In my unique case, Freeze is the operative word. Why is not yet known. ( at least to me)
When someone experiences a situation in which there are certain expectations of self and others that remain unmet, anger often occurs. Often anger is displaced to an object that is less threatening than the original source of the anger.
No question about it, Anger can sour relationships, no matter the source, whether or not its displaced, or valid. ( remembering that words wounds worst theory)
A recent rat study shows that when faced with 3 unpleasant choices, the animal would become so frustrated it would chew itself, heart attack, or just go insane with wild anger. We are not anmals eh? We as humans ponder the least of the painful routes, decide to take it, suffer the path while hoping for better opportunities.
Ok... it doesnt SOUND like crap, but it sure as hell feels like it. Mr. Wizard is indeed a thinker, or a giver of thoughts.
I am reading a delicious book which also has my head spinning round. Pick it up... Very good ponder food.

Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
My homework is another list, onto the original list.. quite the site too. It begins with put up a Christmas tree!

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