Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear 2010, You Havent Seen The Last Of Me

"Man can only become what he can consciously imagine."
Dan Rudhyer
Dear 2010, I have so loathed you. Nearly as much as 2008 and more than 2009. I am so happy to say Adios`.

I KNOW that 2011 will bring its own adventures, and the journey will continue for me God willing, so I am ready. Bring it!
As many of you know, I save blogabouts for THEE BOOK.. you know.. when I’m old and wearing purple. So here is a recap of this bloody year.:

• Had my brother and sis in law in from Alaska
• Ended the visit abruptly when Mom fell ill
• Stayed with my Sis & family to care for Mom for the last month of her life
• Laid our Mother to rest.
• Came back to Pismo to begin piecing my world back together (again)

  • Got a new cool car.. my beloved tank
  • Quilted 3, count em 3 show quilts
  • Made arrangements for kids to come and stay in our home.
  • Watched the entire season of LOST on DVD and was mesmerized
  • I swatted my baby grand girl, and it still hurts. ( me)
  • Won a ribbon for a quilt Mid State Fair
  • Took a HOT trip to Palm Springs to watch my Grand Girl compete in a beauty contest
  • Got hooked on Bejewelled on Facebook
  • Got hooked on The Sopranos, via net flicks
  • Rented out rooms to tenants and became a half ass B & B ( again)
  • Separated from my Walt to help heal each other (?)
  • Was given a human angel, I think from Mom
  • Left one home on the central coast, to come back to another on central valley
  • Began treatment with 4th Shrink, finally one thats working!! ( without meds!!!)
  • Became friends with a customer and will win more ribbons!
  • Won ANOTHER ribbon at Pacific International Quilt Festival
  • Had a health scare of a breast cancerous tumor (benign)
  • Quilted 2 more show quilts (cross fingers)
  • Kept up with blogabouts, no matter the trauma I go through
  • Went to visit my soul sista Ronda in Oregon, and I didn’t discover QVC. Noooo I didnt!
  • Had the ::hands down::: weirdest holidays EVER in my life.
  • Got sick, but not TOO sick like 2008/9 thanks to Zicam and Airbourne.. ( or straight up pissiness)
  • Experienced Christmas through the community outreach of others for distant kids.
  • (space saved for NYE
In summary,the winds of change blew strong... waves broke the shore with a fury as the footprints in the sand washed away. :::WAV:::
Years End Theme Song is.................. drum roll please..................

2011 Goals

  • Get off the "ON HOLD" place
  • work on the book
  • Fight not freeze
  • Pay closer attention to my health. IMPROVE IT
  • Enter MY OWN quilt in a show
  • Buy ONLY what I love.
  • Throw out, what I do not love
  • Teach, :::read:grow::: more quilters!!
  • Attend a professional quilt show, attend classes there
  • Upgrade my longarm
  • Improve my studio
  • reunite past things loved
  • Have a celebration for each loved ones birthday
  • Go to Harlows, and Mortens for dinner
  • Read more audio books
  • Buy something from QVC, hopefully a jacket I cannot forget! (ok, and some make up)
  • Re visit Hawaii
  • Get prices on body work, make a list.

I have a bazillion more than this... but it will have to wait for the NEXT list!

Happy New Year to you all, may it be a blessed one for you and yours:) :::& Mine:::


Vicki W said...

Wishing you a very happy 2011 Gina!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Karen A.

marilyn said...

Gina, Happy New Year !

Lindah said...

Happy New Year, Gina!

Mama Pea said...

I hope you have a wonderful 2011, Gina. Sounds like you've had your share of strife this year. I'm with you on being ready to cast away 2010. Seems like a lot of people are!

My best to you.

Nichol said...

Gina...I just know 2011 is going to ROCK! And...I'll be sending you some quilts this year for sure!! You are going to have a fabulous year this year...I just know it! :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love you sis! One hella of a journey, eh? :)

Anonymous because I forgot my danged log-in info - THAT LONG SINCE I BLOGGED!!!


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