Tuesday, January 4, 2011

M & M's For The New Year

I think I'm a day late because of my new Droid phone? Will you all buy THAT excuse? Well... its true Imma trying to learn it! Popcorn prayer, "please let me always keep learning new stuff as I grow older". Just when I figured out the Blackberry, I got twinkly eyed over the Droid. So here we go! I am amazed at how it syncs with my calender and emails, etc... I have been reminding myself daily to go and pick up a new day planner and last night it dawned on me... WHY? ( no longer nessesary). Now, if only I could get that Words with Friends game downloaded eh? Grunt. Thank you Dear Walt, for the super sized planner:) Happy New Year to me.
(PS: you wouldnt believe the sound coming from this lil Droid!!)
OK, Holidays over.. geez, thank goodness. Onto the next. I think right now its Mega Million Alert!! 330 million! Smurf house here I come! I have 9 bucks on it now... its all mine:) I think I will buy a FLEET of longarms in different colors...LOL Hows that for a dream? You know that Smurf house is a perfect quilt retreat too... sigh....
Much to do today as I am behind on quilting and its Mr Wizard day too. I want to make a soup tonight, so we shall see. I have a craving for Chicken Pozole, yummmmmm.
Have a great day, I will return with tell all Tuesday!
M & M's Include

NOT the rain
NOT the fog either

A mega million imagination
My new pocket Pal
Safe travels
Good Ginger Sitters
Lots of thread choices for today!

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Vicki W said...

I got a Droid a year or so ago. I think I'm going to have it surgically attached to my hand. I love it so!

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