Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Send a Happy Thought?

"We cannot do everything at once but we can do something at once."
Calvin Coolidge

Morning.... my coffee isnt hot. Crap. Why does this happen? I'm so grumpy! I have been having quite a few rough nights. My daughter has me diagnosed with some heart failure stuff..A friend has me walking around with my Moms Diabetes... UG.. I think its par for the course. ( no, I dont play golf so why the hell would I say that?) I know I havent been taking good care of myself. I'm so sick of pain, All of it. in and out. Hmm.. maybe I AM sick of it. Maybe stress really CAN make one sick. I was THIS close to going into the ER last night. I think the only reason I didnt call for help was because I know my iron door is locked! How is anyone to get in? But that was the plan? I need a new game plan. Before I have to go in! My DQL sucks big green wienies! CLIC
I have so much to do today so I better get the self talk talking. Such a cool lie..................But ya lub me right?
Peace out:)

*And THEN I forgot that today is stove demolition day!!! WOW! :::film at 11:00::::


Gretchen said...

Oh G. Yes, stress really can make you sick. Don't ignore it. Take care of yourself, please?
Of course we lub you!! xoxoxo

Sending lots of happy thoughts and warm hugs.

Anonymous said...

i agree with gretchen. stress can and does make some people sick. get yourself a check up!!

Mama Pea said...

Yeah, ditto! Check yourself out, take care of yourself, and don't let the stress get you down!

Be good. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it takes getting sick and tired of being sick and tired before something changes. I've been down that "sick and tired" path...its sucks but no one could make me ready for change until I was ready do it...kicking, screaming and yes, stomping my foot...but I did it. You'll do it too...when you're ready.

Hugs to you,

Karen A.

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