Friday, January 21, 2011

Human Bird Quilt

G`morning:) I tried to get a decent shot of this for ya but I guess I am camera phone impaired? I have used flash on/off...scenes.. nights... close.. far... NO CAN DO? I think that Avianas swear jar might very well turn into a Nonni camera jar! ( oh wait, I already robbed it.. chit.)
Its a 60 inch square wall hanging of needle turned applique human birds. I NEED it to be over today. I must get back to my Blue Beauty. Dont ya love zippered leaders??? Its really tough here since space is compromised but I still manage to drag my leaders The other night I had such a mess in the shop that I couldnt even hop around dancing to that new song Heather introduced me to.. Hey mama! Hey mama! I tell ya, that song and 2 cups of coffee theres no end to the JUMPING possibilities!
I made a dr. appt. Now I`m making a list!  It could be sinus related? Maybe it could all resolve with sun. I have no idea. They tell me that we should get some late today. I sure hope so. I`m on the rdge, I swear.
Okay, I am going to drag myself to it... TGIF Peeps! CLICK THIS!!!( I double dog dare you not to bounce something!)

1 comment:

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Thanks for the video - it helped my day! xoxo from Colorado

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