Wednesday, January 12, 2011


"Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace."
Oscar Wilde

Not to be confused with a Mariners compass, Mr. Wizard introduced a Moral compass. A way to answer many questions and slow down the racing thoughts. Now I have tried it out on simple things and it worked. The tougher things, not so well yet. But then again, It may be because I am stubborn.

Hypothetical Question: ( has absolutely no bearing on my
Your Mother in law wishes to host Christmas this year, taking the torch from you. What is your reply?


APPLY Reason/logic
She is getting old, needs to feel needed. She hasn't many more years to do this with her children/grandchildren. but it makes no sense at all when you and your family have established your own traditions and are comfortable with them.

APPLY Intuition/Instinct:
Red Flag! The kids will be confused and out of sync. Bad idea.She may be trying to get back what it took awhile to establish for your own family.

APPLY Emotion/Feeling:
 I understand her need however I too have the need to be Ms Santa in our own home. I would be amiss without the exhilaration routine of the holiday. (Like she did with her young family)

The Answer should now come easily? PHISHAW!!! In my mind, this only brings on MORE questions!

What would husband think of me if I said NO? What if we lost her and I couldn't live with guilt? What if the kids think I'm a Scrooge? Mr Wizards answer to this is of course to make a WHAT IF question and answer page. Well.. Like I dont do that night and day right?
What If?
Pro Con
do, not do
I mean I am an experienced brain stormer! Analyzer! Feed back seeker!
This is so not easy. Grunt. Especially when I am a sun depraved, displaced emotional train wreck remember??? An interesting concept... Imma go pick up my ball, find a few spoons, do 5 minutes of mindfullness,  and do my homework. (Then make some Zoupa while Quilting) GRUNT.


Gretchen said...

My hypothetical answer to your hypothetical question. Let it go, it is only one day, there will be others.

Sharyn said...

We are lucky enough to have a marvelous compromise now. We finally have a grandbaby - 10 month old adorable Mason. We have always done Christmas here since our DIL's family celebrated Xmas eve. But, I understand how our son and DIL want to establish their own family traditions. So they opened their stockings and presents in the morning and then came and joined us for more presents, lots of friends and family and games and dinner. I'm sure eventually it will switch to their house when the children won't want to leave their presents. Always a way to compromise.

Sharyn from GA

Anonymous said...

I would just celebrate my Jewish side.... and let MIL do the work. ;-)

Or do my own thing a different day, my way. Is it really worth hassling/fretting about? *MY* life is WAY too short to sweat the small stuff.

Mama Pea said...

Hypothetically speaking, I agree with Gretchen and Sharyn. Either let it go or find a compromise that will make you both feel okay. Can you collaborate on it in some way?

It's not worth sweating over it. What counts is being together. :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you peoples all understand that THIS is not the question but the method of arriving at a decision?
I dont have a mother in law! LOLOL Its a journey to a destination.. so I take it yor collaborative answers are............... wait for it...................
Dont sweat the small stuff and let EVERYTHING roll off your back and love "em through it??? Thats such a Heather answer:::wink:::

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