Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Sissy! A Marvelous Monday Indeed:)

Happy Birthday Dear Sissy! This may not be the "best" picture I have, but its so "telling" I had to use it! This is her favorite the 3 cats favorite place to sit in the family room. Not pictured is Tori, the Torti, who is the alpha cat and the PITA cat in my book! Not really sure why she loves these guys so much but she sure does! She also has two Border Collies running the land over there... hey, do ya think she likes black and white? All the animals say yes! Oh I think they need a new family photo with the 5 animals and the family dressed in B&W! LOL Happy Birthday Kel! Have a great day!

"Action is the antidote to despair."
 Joan Baez

Who says? Where did she come up with that one anyway? Words to a folk song gone awry? Hmmmmm
Good Monday morning :) I has a rough week end, could ya tell? I did enjoy visiting sis but yesterday was a funky funk beyond all funks! I thought I lost Sis bracelet, I slept too late, I couldnt find motivation on ANY list I had made. I was cranky and weepy all thrown into one frozen G. The first thing this morning that I see is above qoute. I snickered. ( or was that a sneer?)I'm working on a custom and my artwork was becomming a reflection of my mood, so I stopped. Thank God.. I came out this morning, took one look and scratched things! I have decided that its just GOT TO BE lack of sunshine. I'm already geting shots for vitamin D difiencies. I should go find sun lamps.. you know, so I can have an even HIGHER PGE bill! :::Sigh::: some things ya just get used to on the coast eh?I better move my touche and get back to my human bird quilt!

M & M's:

Heated seats in my car
Stitch N Bitch Night
The motion detector light working!
Movie Dates!
My Do it all cell phone:)

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Linda said...

Tryptophan--it's THE best answer to grey, grey skies. I have mine prescribed by the doctor (500 mg x 2 per day) I suffer from grey sky syndrome as well and a psych prescribed this many, many years ago. I usually only take it from fall to spring--enough sunshine and daylight then. Works like a charm! And I live in Edmonton, Alberta where it's dark at 4:38 and the sun doesn't get up till 8:45. sigh.
Lurking Linda

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