Monday, January 17, 2011

Marvelous Monday Gratitudes Are YOU!

"Hem your blessings in thankfullness so they do not unravel."

Where do I live  now? (HA!) Funny eh? I spent my most of my life firmly placed and now have moved 5 times in as many years! I am now BACK in the central valley near my daughter and family, pining away for the sunshine of the coast!
What was my first blog post about? If Home is where the heart is, I must have 2 of each. Kinda matches above only reversed now. Grunt.

What do I collect? I took a peak.. largest collection of many, FABRIC AND THREAD!!!
newest? Pandora charms!!
What was my first career passion in life, and what is it now?
I dreamt of being Entertainer of the year, and now I dream of being quilter of the year!
What do I do absent mindedly while pondering?
Hard boil eggs and draw happy faces on them!
Descibe your blog buddy (moi) in one word and it cant be trainwreck!
 Many moons ago, Dana ( a foodie friend) called me Effervescent and I am still tickled with this to this day! I find myself striving to honor her TAG. ( how cool is Gretchen eh?)
Whats my favorite day of the week?
Underwear days!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for playing! That was fun. I used the lil gizmo random Integer thing. Every one was entered twice, and the WIENER is  # 4 Gayle, her second entry! Congrats Gayle, email me your snail mail address for your gift! Yes, I AM TRYING to post a pic but if u remember my lil camera broke :(


Mama Pea said...

This was fun. I think effervescent is a very good word for you. Your sense of humor cracks me up and is what attracted me to your blog. I like how you tell it like it is and don't hold back. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Some would call it "over sharing" LOLOL Thanks Stephanie:) LYG

Anonymous said...

I didn't win :( ?!


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